Geotagging gets sexy this weekend

love_boxSure, you can check in to Foursquare and so virtually mark that you were someplace, but with Sabine Gruffat and Bill Brown’s installation, you can add the personal touch – stories of past sexcapades! The Love Box (free!) iPhone app will let you know when you are near a geotagged location, which will allow you to hear audio stories relating to people’s personal impressions of that place. You can also record your own stories to join the conversation.

Urban logos as hiking map

sidewalk_signsConsolidated Edison company throughout the urban landscape. ConEd’s presence can be found on personhole covers, hard hats, and cloth covers protecting open subterranean power lines. Public Utility Trail Network plays with these symbols, reimagining them as a trail map. Join the adventure this weekend by following small, temporary signs attached to actual signposts throughout the Lower East Side.

Psychogeographic drift to the Barney Building!

Via Urban Omnibus:

Creative Time Summit and Conflux

Conflux is pleased to announce that we will honor Creative Time Summit tickets for free entry to the Conflux Café on Saturday 10/09 and Sunday 10/10. Bring your Summit ticket and stop by the Conflux Café - a 2 minute  walk away - where you can drop in on artist talks and workshops, enjoy  complimentary beverages, free wifi, live updates of Conflux events presented by Artlog and more.

Watch Steve Duncan’s keynote, Reverend Billy’s sermon, Dennis Crowley of Foursquare and Conflux Cafe’s conversation series live on Ustream during the festival!

Hike the island of Mannahatas!

What do you think when you hear the word, “hike?” I’d imagine lots of sky and green things that may or may not be filled with crawling critters are in your mental picture. Certainly not sidewalks. Which is odd; why not hike on sidewalks? Matt Green hosted 20 mile walks across the city once upon a time. Shouldn’t they count as “hikes?”

It’s a tough call. Enter ecoarttech. This interdisciplinary collective will be presenting A Series of Indeterminate Hikes at the 2010 Conflux Festival this October. Think of it as a hiking guide for the urban explorer. What might be tougher is reframing what for most of us is a quotidian urban environment-something that’s just there while we’re en route to someplace else-and following the guides’ advice to “stop for a minimum of five minutes or thirty meditative breaths.” 

Conflux wants YOU to volunteer!

Hello Conflux friends!

Conflux 2010 is only 2 weeks away! While we’re all very excited about the lineup of presenters and events, we need your help to make sure the whole shebang goes off without a hitch.


While the benefits of volunteering are innumerable, allow me to list a few for you anyhow:

#1, you get in free (at a whopping $15 for the whole weekend it wouldn’t bust your billfold too bad BUT STILL!!!)

#2, you get to meet the artists

#3, you get to mingle with all kinds of psychogeographers and urban explorers

#4, donating your time to a non-profit arts organization is bound to give you a warm fuzzy feeling!

If you have some skills in the following areas and would like to volunteer some time between October 6th evening and October 10th please email Volunteer Lead Katrina Jeffries at

Here’s what we’re looking for:
Outside Greeter
HQ Table Attendant
Media Technician
Park Liaison
There is a mandatory volunteer meeting on Tuesday September 28th at 7:00pm at the Barney Building.  For further information about the festival visit and check out the FAQ section.

Ashley Pigford does bookish performance art this October

It’s cool how performance art de-commodifies art by removing the lasting physical object, but Ashley John Pigford's work goes in reverse in a sense. Verbiage, something that defies physicality, is symbolized by beautifully printed cards in the piece Lexicology which will be performed at Conflux on October 9 and 10. Tricia Treacey will be collaborating on this with the assistance of Katie Smith.

You know those great little desktop gardens with waterfalls making nice, soothing sounds? Imagine being able to play with the sound on one of those. And you have the Tone Garden. The Tone Garden will be among the fabulous interactive projects at Conflux this October, don’t miss it!

Soundwalk will perform Ulysses Syndrome live at Conflux!

In the fall of 2009 the Soundwalk collective embarked on a journey aboard an old gaff-rigged sailboat equipped with scanners and aerial antennae for a sound odyssey recording the hertzian frequencies along the shores of the Mediterranean basin. Soundwalk continuously scanned and recorded all possible radio interceptions over a range of 40 miles around the boat while close to shore and far out at sea.

The product of this adventure is Ulysses Syndrome: an immersive audiovisual performance. Mixed live onstage at Conflux HQ on Friday October 8 by musicians and new media artists on turntables, laptops, and other customized media and sound objects, this show is based on a series of recordings retracing the path of Ulysses’ legendary voyage as described in Homer’s Odyssey.

Soundwalk will also perform Ulysses Syndrome live aboard the Frying Pan in Chelsea this Thursday, 9/16. For more info visit